About Cattington

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Who I Am

I’m just a person with a lifetime of mental disabilities that have kept me from having any remote success in the workforce. After being declared lazy, worthless, a deadbeat, and losing the respect of just about everyone, including myself, a very special person got me interested in cryptocurrency. He was so excited that I invested a tad. Just a tad because I was on government assistance and not in any position to go crazy.

Then I got a little more ambitious about life and remembered the words of Jesus. “And if ye have not been faithful in that which is another’s, who will give you that which is your own?” (ASV) I need to take care of what I’m in charge of that belongs to another, then God will let me have my own resources.

I started doing a little more; the things other people do that are just daily chores. It’s difficult to be motivated when you have depression; you only think of the now and how abysmal life is. After absorbing my loved one’s enthusiasm and remembering the Lord’s words, I tried something new.

Why I Am Doing This

I hate depression. So do most people who have it. How do we get out of it? Sometimes there are complications we can’t resolve. My disabilities aren’t going anywhere. However, you know the popular saying, “Money can’t buy happiness, but it’s more fun to cry in a MacLaren than a beat-up Kia. Well, that’s not the exact phrase, but why should I be the only one experiencing this new-found joy?

Okay, so I don’t own a MacLaren. Maybe someday. What I do own now is hope. I want to share this with you! I love seeing other people be happy, as long as it’s wholesome happiness. Let’s share the happy!

My Grand Ambition

I’d like for us to find new ways to grow our finances without having nervous breakdowns. I can’t be around people for too long. I don’t even do well on the phone or in personal discourse. BUT I don’t need to in order to have a simple income. Neither do you. I’m already on my way. Let’s see what happens!

Join me as I give Wealthy Affiliate a shot at improving life!