Extra Income Takes Energy – Why Bother?

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We get used to the rut we’re in. We’re familiar with the hardships, the limited budget, meager shopping experiences, little to no fun excursions. Why bother to change? Is this life that bad? Seriously, we’re making it by. New responsibilities are too stressful. Extra income takes energy I don’t have.

You’re Here!

If you’re on a website that is about enhancing your income, whether minutely or grandly, then you know darn well it’s time for a change. You’d like a little extra, at least.

How about that $50 gift card for Amazon from InboxDollars? All you had to do was a few surveys and check some emails. Saving receipts isn’t difficult. ReceiptPal and other apps, like Fetch Rewards, want uploaded photos of your receipts. Easy and simple. They walk you through the whole process.

Be realistic. You aren’t getting paid to feel sorry for yourself, to mope, or to flit around on social media. If you have time and energy to sit in your favorite chair and daydream about simple income, why not actually get one?


Yes, you can do two things at once, sometimes more. It does not need to be stressful! If you are keen to watch your favorite TV show at 3:00 every day, fill out a survey during commercials. Is it worse than watching a commercial for the shampoo you can’t afford?

The kids are napping or playing safely outside? Load some receipts onto Ibotta or ReceiptPal. Taking a break from housework? Get excited and do some research for that new website! Click here to get one free!

If you are waiting for someone or something at a location besides home, perhaps watch some paid videos or play paid online games. Just be sure to keep the volume down if other people are around.


Maybe you’d like to engage in some long-term side job that could turn full time and lucrative! Do some research on affiliate marketing. Get paid to blog or write articles about things you find interesting.

Why keep all those cute stories tucked away that Grandma used to tell you? Put those in a fun blog. Write just a few stories a week for starters. You don’t need to have a degree in creative writing. Just a little effort at amusing others can go a long way.

When you are ready to jot down these fond memories or write how-to articles on upcycling old clothes, just get on a computer or tablet and start writing! Programs like Grammarly can help keep your grammar and spelling in check, and the most useful features are free!

Find Your Motivation

What about you makes you feel bad and ashamed? Is it something you can change, even just a little? Baby steps. We don’t want you turned into a narcissist. Just change a little at a time.

Go stand in front of a mirror and, instead of looking yourself in the eyes and saying, “Life sucks”, say, “I’m going to start making life not suck! I’m going to do this one little thing each day, and life is just going to have to deal with it!”

Grab that phone or computer, turn it on, and download that one little thing. Try InboxDollars for free. Guess what; if you find taking one survey a day or scratching off that one little card is too difficult, you have wasted absolutely nothing.

Think about the people who give you their opinions about you. Is there someone positive? Start believing that person. Ask them why they feel that way. Start repeating what they say whenever you feel down. Hey, someone believes in you!! That’s not a small thing! You are able to read articles. You have a cheerleader! Heed the cheers!

Guess another thing; I, Cattington, believe in you! I believe in you because you have a desire – a desire that led you here – a desire that you CAN accomplish!!

What about the naysayers – the people who put down your every effort? Maybe you were unlucky enough to be married to one. Maybe your parents roll their eyes at you. Your neighbors mock you. Well, here’s the deal: Those people are NOT you!! They don’t live in your body, they don’t rule your mind.

You don’t have to prove anything to anyone except yourself. Always remember the positive. Did you think I was lying when I said I believe in you? Anyone who seeks improvement will find it.ย Repeat that. Didn’t one of the most influential people to walk the earth once say, “Seek, and ye shall find; knock and the door shall be opened unto you.”?

Baby Steps are just the beginning. Toddle as long as you need to. Have you toddled enough? Ready for the big time? There are ways to invest your time for free and ways to invest a tiny bit of money to see what happens.

The Long Haul

Click here for the free opportunity to try affiliate marketing. No, don’t get scared and run! This is free! It will stay free for as long as you want it to. You’ll never have to worry about canceling on a certain date to make sure you’re not billed. They don’t even ask for your credit card information!

Not ready to try free affiliate marketing with nothing to lose? If you’re able, put your shoes on and go for a walk. While you’re walking, reflect. Reflect on where you are, where you want to be, and why you don’t want to take advantage of a genuinely free opportunity to just learn something? You don’t need to do a darn thing but log in and make an account.

Explore. Do nothing but explore. Don’t let somebody hardball you or shove you into something. Just relax and explore. Ignore the pleas for money. This is your potential route to monetary freedom – not a guarantee of fast riches. If you don’t want to see it as a potential income, just go and get a free website. You have nothing, I mean nothing to lose!

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24 thoughts on “Extra Income Takes Energy – Why Bother?

  1. Well said Cattington!

    With all those time wasted, we would have earned for our hours lost. If sit around moping and doing nothing, potential income might be lost when others complain about not getting enough. We should be making the best of it, not sit around thinking about exactly what I’m doing right now or what to eat later on. Alright, I’m pumped up, let’s do this! Time to boost our income yeah!

  2. Your first sentiments couldn’t be more true. That is what we have accustomed ourselves to, that making a small change becomes the heaviest task on earth! But the hunger in me has gotten me to lift a finger and now I am actively involved with affiliate marketing. If I can watch a movie into the morning, why not work on my business? Thank you for these great insights and motivation to do something, and for believing in me. It is what we need when we are not feeling like it.

    Great article!

    • Thank you for the comment! We need to lift our fingers, then our bums, then just jump in and see what happens. Seriously, if you ever need a word of encouragement, just let me know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That’s good one.  Doing research is a lot of work which take time to figure out what motivation are yoiu getting.  To me, it took a long tme to figure out why my blog won’t work,so I keep workng on what is missing until I find a piece of puzzles to connect the missing. So I start all over to build in right way.   You are better than me!  No joke.  SMILE!!!!

    • The only one who truly fails is the one who quits; while sometimes, that might be the inevitable outcome, I don’t think it will be in your case! We’ll just research what we enjoy and blog about it. Surely, someone will actually decide to click on one of our affiliate links. We each clicked a link once! Keep your chin up!

  4. This post is a good reminder for everyone to make good use of their free time to make a little extra cash. And why not?

    Rather than spending all the free time on activities that have no monetary returns, isn’t it great to earn a little extra cash for our future? Especially when we retire, and we need cash to survive and support our lifestyle?

    Speaking of retirement, this is a good idea for those who have retired, and need to make some extra cash.

    For me, I am doing affiliate marketing. And I can see that even when I retire (or semi retire), I will continue to do it to make some money and support my lifestyle in my silver years.

    • Excellent words, kind Sir! It is nice to know there are still things we can do as elders that prove we aren’t past it! Of course, I don’t qualify as an elder yet, but someday!

  5. Well written and well said! If we have so much energy to do other things in life, why not route some of that energy into something that can help us financially, even if just a little. I know a lot of people, myself included, want to earn more or become financially free one day, its not hard, it just takes a fresh perspective that anyone can do it, and that we just need to put some focus there slowly until it becomes second nature.

    I like your ideas on starting small with answering some surveys or uploading your receipts, I had no idea that existed until now! Anyone can do those tasks… so anyone can accomplish this!

  6. Very interesting, and helpful article on making extra money. I like your no nonsense approach of telling us to just do it. So many people procrastinate, or never actually take that first step, which as we know is the most important one. I also liked how you gave specific examples of ways to make more money. Thank you for the useful information, and the needed encouragement, and motivation. Tom

  7. Thank you so much for this post. Yes, I’ll believe in myself, regardless of those who don’t believe in me say. I’ve been doing my research because I’ve been wanting to make some extra money online and I’m glad I’ve ran into this site. Thank you for this article.

  8. There is a saying that we are all too familiar with that nothing comes from nothing. Many are interested in overnight rich schemes and as a result get scammed by those that promise the moon and the stars, the so called overnight rich schemes that does not exist. However, hard work and dedication always pays off but we need to be working diligently and we need to be patient. A lucrative business is never built in a day and neither was Rome.

    However when the hard work starts paying off then you will realise that it was so worth all the time and effort. Many give up on their online success because they do not see that overnight success which they were hoping for. I am convinced that there is no one in this universe that is literate, that is not able to generate income online, but the reason why only a very small percentage have success online is because of that one word “patience” and perhaps that second word “hard work”.

    Thank you for this informative article and for allowing me to share my two cents. Wishing you the very best of success with your online marketing endeavours!

  9. Hello,

    This article is amazing, people need to understand that sitting home and doing nothing by whining about not having enough money is the way to not having the money! lol

    Set a goal and have a good motivation and then start digging and reading about different ways to earn extra cash. Affiliate marketing is a great way to start a passive income. Yes, it is a slow way but it is a great way too. Plus, as you said above it is a way to earn money while writing about something you love!

  10. So true! We get comfortable, things aren’t “that” bad, we make enough money to get by so “life is good” enough. Also, we compare ourselves to others and we are doing “better” than them or we are “keeping up with the Jones'”.
    You have such excellent points! A little bit of work could bring us a little more and a lot of work can change our lives!
    I love your pictures in this article too, they are funny (top one) and so true (the ones with quotes). A little belief can go along way to making our lives more than we thought imaginable. You have encouraged me, thank you!

  11. Excellent and great comments on the naysayers who donโ€™t live in our bodies or our minds. They donโ€™t have our thought processes.

    If we donโ€™t do what we feel is right for us, and not others, how would we ever find happiness??? You have to believe in yourself and that you can achieve things regardless of the eye rolling.

    Thank you.

  12. Hi there,

    Firstly I found your about me section so inspiring! I too have experienced physical limitation in the past and the resulting depression that comes from it can feel very heavy so I just want to say I think youโ€™re wonderful! I really liked your saying about money too, I always say money canโ€™t buy you happiness but it definitely can facilitate it- more money, more able to help yourself and other people, more enjoyable life etc.

    This article is so great. Youโ€™re right, a little of your time goes a long way and those ad breaks add up. So true what you say about belief as well, we create our own story. Itโ€™s when times get tough that our inner mindset and inner resources determine the outcome. Lovely inspirational website. I look forward to seeing more of what you write soon ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you so much, Natalie! What nice words. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I would love for everyone to find a safe and useful way to feel good about themselves and life. I wish you all the best as you move along in your journey toward complete joy!

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