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If you live in a city you may have seen the electric Lime brand scooters either parked along the sidewalk or hauling thrifty passengers toward their various and sundry destinations.

What does this have to do with a nice simple income? You can make a handy little income charging them! Yes, you actually can get paid for charging scooters!

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What Lime Scooters Are

Lime is a world-wide company that rents scooters for various purposes to people who are in need of some handy transportation. They have an app you can download that tells you all about the rental programs and whether any are available in your area.

The electric scooters are more environmentally friendly and more easily maneuvered through crowded areas than cars and other gas-powered automobiles.

These cool-looking transporters have given millions of rides the world over, giving the company a golden reputation.

Formerly known as LimeBike, Lime is probably the fastest growing scooter rental company in the world and its pride and joy is the Lime-S Scooter.

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What The Earning Potential Is

These scooters can’t run indefinitely. Someone, somehow, must keep them all charged or they’re just wheeled paperweights. Just like thirsty people need water fountains, electronic scooters need charging stations.

Enter the profit-seeking city-dweller with initiative, time, and a handy schedule. The money is handsome and craved. Let’s get started!

By becoming a Lime Charger or a Lime-S Scooter charger, you can collect scooters, charge them overnight, and deliver them in the morning for cash. Somebody has to do it. Why not you?

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How To Become A Charger For Lime Scooters

With the Lime app in Harvest mode, you can see little money signs dotted along a map. These are the locations for scooters with low batteries. The dollar amount displayed is what you’ll be making to charge that scooter and deliver it to a drop-off station.

The pay for harvesting a scooter is based on its proximity to other scooters and the anticipated difficulty of retrieving it. The more scooters you collect, charge, and deliver, the more money you make!

You first need to download the Lime app. If you know someone else who is a juicer, (scooter charger), get a referral code from them to save on a first ride and give them a little tip.

Signing up is free! In the menu, click on Become A Juicer.

You can apply using a desktop but have your phone handy because they are going to text with instructions.

Review all Lime-S Scooter lessons, and take the knowledge review.

When all that is finished, you will be prompted to order four chargers to be delivered to your house. You will be provided with a promo code so that the cost for the chargers is waived.

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What You Will Need

  • Multiple electrical outlets
  • Enough space for the chargers and scooters
  • A large vehicle, such as a truck, for hauling the scooters
  • Smartphone with Lime app installed
  • Tax forms – yes, this is a job for which taxes must be paid.
  • Reliability

If you don’t take special care of the scooters and have them delivered to the Limehub on time, you could be the one owing money! So make sure to be safe and have your alarm set!

Make sure to follow exact instructions, including photos, when you go to make a pick-up and discover the scooter is damaged. The app will give you further instructions.

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Does this sound like an exciting way to earn spending money? Do you work with any scooter companies? Have you charged a scooter before? Are you going to give charging scooters a shot? Let me know all your questions and ideas in the comments below! Thank you for reading!

10 thoughts on “Get Paid Charging Lime Scooters! – For City Folks

  1. Hi,

    Wow! never even thought in my dreams that you can earn money for charging lime scooter. I was not even aware that such a thing exists, really appreciate your post on this with clear instructions. I am going to download the app and looking forward to earn few bucks – Just one question what is the earning potential i.e. lets say if i charge 10 scooters per day how much can i earn ?

    • Thanks for stopping by, Satish. When I was doing research, I noticed it was about $5 to $20 per charge. People have been making over $300 per week! Best wishes!

  2. Wow this is crazy! I live in the St. Louis area and we have those scooters ALL OVER the place. I never really thought about how they get charged LOL but this is a great idea for a new way to make money, and I am always interested in those! I’ll have to check it out.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great post!
    I have seen these scooters in action a lot lately and always wondered if there was job potential there.
    I did not realize that charging these scooters could be such a consistent side hustle.
    You broke down the information for this job so that it is easy to understand. I will look into this job more.
    Thanks for the informative post!

  4. Very comprehensive and informative article….I happen to know someone who charges these scooters….He makes enough money to pay his bills, and seems quite pleased with the amount of free time that he can schedule, as he is his own boss, and can do this when it’s convenient for him.

    Very well written! Thank you!

    Machele (Shelly) VanVoorhis

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