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Is PrizeRebel worth it? Worth what? Your time and energy – yes! As long as you aren’t looking for it to become your full income, that is.

Back when I first subscribed to PrizeRebel and put the little notification icon by my URL bar on Chrome, I didn’t know what to expect. Now I constantly have survey notifications; they aren’t intrusive. When I have time to do a survey or two or more, PrizeRebel is ready to take me on.

What Is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is an online survey site. You will not find this on the Play Store. Get on your computer, laptop, or Chromebook and click this here link. Fill out the information to get yourself an account.

My advice is to install the Chrome extension. It will be a little black button by the URL bar that has “pr” on it in red. This handy little button will give you notifications about new surveys and contests. Otherwise, with everything I have going on, I might just forget about the little money maker.

Of course, PrizeRebel, like other survey sites, also offers other incentives to make an account.


Duh. What survey site doesn’t offer surveys? PrizeRebel just happens to offer uber gobs of surveys. They partner with numerous other companies to make sure you have a plethora to choose from.

Fill out all the information, take your time, be honest, and make money. Easy pickins’!


If you don’t mind spending some of your points on raffles instead of saving up for $$, there are usually several to choose from, ranging from $5.oo Walmart gift cards to high-dollar electronics.

Only US members can actually win the prizes, but members in other countries will win the points equivalent of the item. I’m in the US, but I’d rather save my points for gift cards and payouts. I’ve never had luck with raffles.

Featured Offers

Download programs, join television or music sites, register with online marketers, etc. As with all sites that have offers, be very careful in what you select.

For example, don’t sign up for the streaming channel, Hulu, unless you want to anyway. You have to keep the service a certain amount of time. If you don’t really want to watch Hulu, you are wasting real money to get points that usually don’t add up to what you’re spending. Hulu isn’t free. You’ll just get something like a partial rebate.

Cheap-looking free offers are to be avoided, in my humble opinion. For a free Tide sample, you’ll be giving away your contact information to who-knows-who (I’ve done this), and you’ll be lucky to get your freebies. The spam will be unbearable. May I suggest Delete Me to anyone who has made my foolish mistakes?


Watch videos and the attached ads to gain points. Some of the videos are interesting and fun to watch – others, not so much. Enjoy the videos, but be sure to suffer through the ads, or use the potty while they’re playing.

Make sure you do not have an ad blocker running! You can’t get points for watching the same video twice.

There is also something called Video Loyalty. Instead of watching a video, watch it as a .tv option. These you can watch as long as you want. PrizeRebel says, Watch your favorite videos! Earn 0.70 points for every 4 ads watched. Can be completed unlimited times a day and autoplays! Your points will be credited after 4 watches.

I don’t really enjoy watching videos, so if I had to I’d just play the videos while doing something else. I’m sure PrizeRebel occasionally asks for proof that you’re actually watching. Other programs do. If this one doesn’t, let us know in the comments. Help my lovely readers and me out!


For the long haul way of a long term free living income:


To be honest, I don’t enter. I don’t want other people to have the satisfaction of beating me. It’s better if I just don’t play. However, some people love competition!

Basically, during contest time, just do what you normally do. The contests are for who completes the most offers, US surveys, International surveys, and raffles. Play and win. Oh, there is also a contest for the most referrals.


If you can get others to join using your referral link, you get rewarded. If you would like to try PrizeRebel, I would be so happy if you’d click here to use my referral link. But it’s up to you, no hard feelings.


Now for the juicy stuff! You already know, this isn’t going to fund your child’s college tuition, but it may help you buy him or her a toaster or an essential oil kit.

PrizeRebel says, We offer a wide selection of electronic and physical gift cards from, eBay, Target, Starbucks, and many more of your favorite brands. We also offer game codes for popular games like League of Legends and World of Warcraft, or gift codes for XBOX Live and Playstation Network. You can also claim PayPal cash. We also have Direct Bank Deposit! E-prizes are instant for Gold level members+ with low redemptions. 

When I went to see the variety of gift cards available I got tired of scrolling down. Obviously, there are plenty!

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Other Stuff

I almost forgot a few things. Promo codes are codes that you find on PrizeRebel’s Facebook page then enter in the promo code box. It is rarely worth much, but every bit counts. Another good reason to have the Chrome extension button is that you will occasionally get a notification about a new code!

Daily points only show if you have Chrome or Firefox. They are also available based on region. I’m in Ohio and using Chrome, yet I see no daily points. It’s nothing to sweat about.

There are different levels that get you better surveys, etc. You start off at the bronze level. The next levels are silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. Trust me, I’m only on bronze, and I can’t keep up with all the surveys.

One last thing. Despite all the magnificence of PrizeRebel, it does have one glaring shortcoming. Tabs. You open a tab with PrizeRebel and tell it to look for a survey. Another tab opens to say it’s loading a survey. Another tab loads with the survey. Too many tabs and PrizeRebel will freeze, advising you to clear out cookies.

Do yourself a favor and just close the old tabs as the new ones appear. Other than that, I have no complaints!


What do you think? Is PrizeRebel worth it? It is for me! Let’s see your thoughts and dreams in the comments below! Thank you for reading!

10 thoughts on “Is PrizeRebel Worth It? – Online Paid Surveys

  1. Great review. I’ve heard of this survey before but haven’t tried it. As for the tab issue that can get annoying, but can be avoided as you said in your post we can close the old one as the new is going to pop-up. Thanks.

  2. Thank you very much for checking out PrizeRebel for us! Sharing all the information you gathered certainly makes it much easier to decide.
    I always love a good challenge and the game of contests!! Well, I usually view it as playing against my lazier self and hoping to win!
    I will give it a try. To contact you again would I have to come back to your website or is there a way through PrizeRebel?
    Thank you and all the best

    • Hi Janie! Thank you for the comment. I am not sure what country you’re in or what you mean by “contact”, but if you want to join PR you go through my link. I don’t recall if you can do any code entering afterward, but my feelings won’t be hurt if you don’t use my code. You can join through their website. Let me know if you like it. 😀

  3. Yeah  I have been on prizerebel site for a while now and it’s really been a good site I do it at my leisure times because I already have my full job I just do it as a subordinate and trust me it really worth the time I psend on it,thanks so much for this post and the recommendations  you shared on it,it ll really go a long way thanks ones  again

  4. Great article, personally I used to register with a different platform for the paid surveys but It never turn to my expectations and thus I cancer it, but having gone through your post I have come to learn that this paid surveys are ok, but don’t make them as your full time job, and I believe that was the mistake I did to the other platform which had limited surveys,.I am sure to click on you referral link on the prizerebel paid survey and become a member, this is because I can understand how it works, I really appreciate you for sharing this post with the public, I am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about this and other related articles.

    Thank you.


    • Thank you for the kind words, Joy, and for using my link to make an account. There’s plenty to do on PrizeRebel. Best wishes!

  5. Hello. You really got me with this review. I have been trying for a long time to find a reliable survey site.

    Now, you gave me a big confidence with PrizeRebel. 

    I will join it and surely recommend to my online friends. As you said, i will give PrizeRebel a chance, this because of you.

    Thank you and keep in touch. Wait to see more articles like this . 


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