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I read and heard mixed reviews of Swagbucks, the little survey and reward app that lets you earn swagbucks that you can eventually exchange for money. The question was, “Is Swagbucks worth my time?”

Exactly What Is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is an app for your phone or computer that resembles InboxDollars but has more going for it. There are surveys, (the main offering), paid and free offers, and tasks.

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Like all survey apps, Swagbucks lists dozens of surveys for you to pick from. These surveys are from companies who want to know more about how potential customers view their services or products.

Some take longer than others and some ask seemingly repetitive or nonsensical questions. There are reasons for this. Million-dollar corporations don’t want fake opinions from someone just cruising through the questions picking random answers.

You are expected to take a certain amount of time, so suspicions arise if you’re too fast. They want to be sure you are giving honest answers; there is a rhyme to their reason.

Don’t spaz if you start getting kicked from some surveys. If you are a white male, age 43, who lives in Kentucky, they may already have enough answers from that demographic. Maybe the company using the survey had enough finished while you were only half-way done.

I know how frustrating it is to go through 20 minutes of questioning only to be told I didn’t qualify. ARGH!! And it’s even worse if the survey went well, but the program crashed before it submitted. :<

The consolation reward for being kicked from a survey is one swagbuck.

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Beware of offers! When it comes to paid offers, this means you are expected to buy something in order to receive swagbucks. Unless the offer is something you want anyway, don’t waste your time and money.

Free offers come in two forms. The ones that say you need to sign up for a free trial of something, maybe a streaming channel, like Hulu. However, before you get the reward you have to pay for the service. How free is that?

Free is also a dangerous thing to your privacy, and a major spam risk. For example, you may want to sign up for free samples, (a popular option), but you have to answer loads of questions and accept many dubious terms before you get those samples. You’ll have no idea what the emails you start getting have to do with your free Tide sample.

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Watch videos, rate them, then watch more videos. Ads are a necessity. I hope you like ads. Of course, you can just set the videos to play while you read a book or watch TV. Just be sure you pay enough attention to tell the app that you are still there.

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Search Engine

There are a number of ways you can use the search engine. You can even install it as your default search engine on your browser. It is powered by Yahoo. So basically you’re using the Yahoo search engine but getting SB from Swagbucks as a reward.

You can’t overdo it. Just use it as you would normally. You will occasionally get the SB, sometimes more and sometimes less. I mean, if you’re going to search anyway, why not risk getting paid for it?

There are a few other ways to earn, but those are the main ones.

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What Are The Rewards


That’s a pretty obvious answer. Swagbucks pays you swagbucks. Each swagbuck is worth one penny. Don’t freak. The surveys average around 40 SB at the lower end. These add up pretty quick. I don’t use the app too often, and I currently have 416 SB, or $4.16. If I were more dedicated, I’d have a lot more. The good news is, you have nothing to lose.


Gift cards and prepaid credit cards are the only payment methods. You can’t exchange SB for cash. There are plenty of store gift cards to choose from, ranging from $1.00 to $100.00 in amount.

If you’re patient and dedicated you can enjoy some savage shopping sprees on Amazon and other stores! Just stick with it. There is no mad rush. If you think you are going to tire of playing for a long while, go ahead and get yourself a gift card. The store cards never expire, so your efforts are never lost.

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So, Is Swagbucks Worth My Time?

Absolutely! It’s completely free, and it doesn’t get angry if you don’t visit daily. I have so many other things going on that I don’t always remember.

Still, when I do remember, the rewards just keep building up and up! Since I told you I have $4.16, I have somehow worked my way to $4.36. So easy, I don’t remember how I did it. Now I just need to figure out what to spend the Amazon card on…

What is your take on this whole Swagbucks idea? Is it worth your time, too? Do you hate it? Let me know your opinions and questions in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “Is Swagbucks Worth My Time? – Embrace The Swag

  1. Interesting I have gone and checked out many paid survey sites in the past but never came across Swagbucks.
    I am always a bit skeptical when it comes to these because no matter how surveys I did I was never able to earn anything.
    The videos sound interesting can you earn money watching ads?
    Also how many surveys do you need to sit through to earn enough credits to purchase items?

    I think this is a great article but I am not sure I would join swagbucks.

    • Thank you for the comment, Joseph. I agree that these apps can seem shady. Swagbucks will let you get your reward after you have earned an entire dollar; that’s 100 SB, and it adds up very quickly. When it comes to videos you need to watch the video and the corresponding ads. I’m not sure exactly what it pays. Thank you for the compliment, and my feelings won’t be hurt if you don’t get Swagbucks. 🙂

  2. Hi Kattington,
    What a thorough review of Swagbucks.
    I used many survey sites and they don’t give me satisfying results. But when I came across your site, it seems Swagbucks is a great reward site to get some extra cash. Can I refer people and get a reward from them?
    Thank you for this informative review.
    All the best!

  3. Hi Kattington,
    Personally I hate doing surveys, but my wife doesn’t mind so I will advise her to give Swagbucks a go. It is always nice when she can buy another kindle book with just a few surveys.

    Thanks for an entertaining post and review!

  4. Hi there,

    Great post!! I’ve tried it and gotten kicked out!! lol. I was done with it but, i will take another look. I used it between clients and down time. I thought why not make money while I have idle time. Thanks for the information. 🙂

  5. Hi There,
    Very interesting read, I have checked out some paid survey sites in the past but never heard of Swagbucks, But I will look into further as I don’t mind doing surveys but to date never earned anything from them, so lets see if these are any different!
    Do you know how many surveys do you need to sit through to earn enough credits to purchase items?
    Great article keep up the good work

    • Hi Jan! Thank you for stopping by. Since each survey pays a different amount, it’s hard to say exactly how many you’ll need to do to get a fun gift card. As long as you’re patient, you’ll definitely get there. Best wishes!

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