Stop Unwanted Spam Emails – Delete Your Email Address From Spammers

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So you made an oops. We’ve all been there. You accidentally trust that sincere seeming advertisement, or you’ve clicked the wrong button on a shady survey. Delete Me is a program that will stop unwanted spam emails by deleting your email address from spammers.

Bad News = Delete Me is only available in the USA. Sorry about that.

How Do These Things Start?

You Give It

You sign up for the email newsletter or accept a third-party contact agreement. You downloaded that free app that turned out to be spam.

You placed your email address on a public profile or forum. You downloaded the free ebook or signed up to join an MLM or another marketing scheme.

You entered an online contest, agreed to receive information about some program’s updates, or used your email address as a username.

They Take It

Data brokers and credit card companies, as well as anyone else wanting your money, buy email lists from companies that store these addresses.

Unless the privacy policy forbids a company or website from giving, selling, or distributing your email address, you can be sure that they will distribute it, along with your home address, phone number, and other personal information.

Your email address is worth money. Stored data tells buyers what you like and shop for. Companies use this information to send you ads you may or may not be interested in.

In more nefarious cases, clicking the Unsubscribe link will only assure them your email address is real, and you’ll get more and more spam.

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How Are We To Stop The Cycle?

Good question. Many companies will honor your request to unsubscribe to their mailing lists. In some cases, these companies will have dozens of newsletters with checkboxes beside them. You will need to uncheck every single box. Be careful you don’t miss any.

The trouble is, by the time you’ve unsubscribed from one mailing list, that website has already sold your email to other companies who have sold to yet other companies.

The cycle can be stopped, but you are going to need some serious help! Oh sure, you could just change your email, but think of all the acquaintances and businesses you’ll have to contact with the update.

You’ve entered so much personal data in your emails over the course of time that it’s imperative to remove your email address from as many data hoarders as possible. How?

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Enter The Lauded Program, Delete Me!

What it does

They know how to remove your information from leading data brokers like Spokeo, BeenVerified, Intelius and many more. Using this expertise, they will get your email privacy back for you.

Because of the mistakes we repeatedly make and the unscrupulous behavior of some of the websites we share information with, the data removal will be an ongoing process. Delete Me stays on top of things.

You tell it what types of emails you want and what types you do not want. Delete Me does the dirty work.

DeleteMe removes such private information as name, address, age, phone number, email address, and photos from data broker sites. Removing personal information from these websites keeps you less vulnerable and removes Google search results.

Protect your family! Keep your personal information private with DeleteMe.

What It Can’t Do

Some sites we cannot remove your personal information from because they do not offer an opt-out procedure. Typically, these websites are based outside of the U.S., and all of them are aggregation sites.

They collect their information from social networks, public search results, and the major databases listed above. Although DeleteMe may not be able to remove your information from these sites, they will research the website, and help you find out how to get your information removed.

What It Costs

I’d love to be able to tell you it’s free, but that isn’t the case. Keeping your data safe and email inbox spam-free takes ongoing diligence. Real humans work around the clock to maintain your online privacy.

Standard coverage starts at $129/year and provides you premium protection by removing you from over 30 data broker sites.

DeleteMe also offers discounts on multi-person or family plans, and you can add as many people as you need to your subscription.

Plan Type 1 Year 2 Years
DeleteMe for 1 Person $129 $209

(19% off)

DeleteMe for 2 People $229

(11% off)


(17% off)

DeleteMe Family Plan
(up to 4 people)

(36% off)


(40% off)

There are separate plans for businesses that you can study on the Delete Me website.

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Is Delete Me Just Another Scam?

Delete Me is definitely not a scam. They have been praised by such entities as PC Magazine, the BBB, C/Net, USA Today, Life Hacker, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and more.

Without a reputation for trustworthiness, it wouldn’t have stayed in business for long. They’ve been in business since 2011, and they have processed over 10 million consumer opt-outs.

According to their website, We collect only as much information from you as is absolutely necessary to provide the DeleteMe service. As our privacy policy states, we won’t track, store, or sell your personal information to anyone, under any circumstance.

Exciting News

Delete Me is currently having a major Halloween discount sale! Look it up here!

Halloween Sale! 20% off any DeleteMe Subscription. Use coupon SPOOKY29 through 11/1. 

Do you have a use for Delete Me? I know I do! I have used them and they are highly efficient. What plan will work for you? Take advantage of the Halloween special! Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below!

44 thoughts on “Stop Unwanted Spam Emails – Delete Your Email Address From Spammers

  1. That would be so wonderful to have Delete me in Europe! I could definetely use it. It is so true that they sometimes have multiple email accounts and while you unsubscribe from one you are already getting an email from another one…I’m happy to read about the existence of Delete ME and will look for something similar in Europe.
    Thank you so much for your research and knowledge!
    This is more than useful!!

    • Hello Janie, thank you for the comment! I would think Europe would have something equally wonderful. You all are usually ahead of us. 😉

  2. This is a great idea, I routinely go through and unsubscribe from the spam emails that I receive. The draw back is it’s a little too expensive for my pocketbook. I’ve bookmarked this page so I can come back when my finances are a little better.
    Thanks for the great information.

    • Thank you for the comment, Stevie. I’m waiting for a little more in the pocketbook before I resubscribe. Thanks for bookmarking my page. 🙂

  3. Hi, there. I can totally relate. All of a sudden you start receiving emails from every direction. I have to constantly check my email and delete all spam. It is so annoying.
    I had never heard of that service you mention. It sounds interesting. I will look into it.
    I also receive a lot of marketing material in the mail. Do you know how to stop this?
    Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.

    • I could be wrong, but I believe Delete Me can help you with the unwanted marketing emails. Thanks for stopping by, Enrique!

  4. Yes we all get spams and it seems to get worse! It is very annoying. I am not yet overwhelmed by it. It is good to know that we can save our emails. Delete me seems to be a great alternative to get rid of them! Very helpful and informative article, thank you!

  5. Sometimes I get emails from email addresses that I have no idea how they got my email address. My spam folder and even my inbox are filled with this which is why I have a separate email address I use in conducting serious online business.

    To be honest this deleteme would be very useful to stop these unwanted emails that I did not signup for. My email folders are filled with these emails that I am unable to differentiate them from the emails that really matters.

    • I feel your pain, Manuel. Even today I got a few emails that I couldn’t tell whether or not they were important. I took a chance and deleted them. Thank you for the comment. Best wishes!

  6. I think Delete Me isn’t a scam but rather a very expensive program. If you have the spare money, then spend on their service to have your email address deleted from the database of scammers. But if you are in a tight budget, then better let Gmail or other email providers deal with spam. Those suspected spam emails that are landing in your inbox, mark them as spam and report to Gmail and the next time they arrive in your email, they will be redirected to the Promotions Folder where content is being deleted when it gets full.

    • That’s a good idea, as well, Gomer. We have to watch Gmail carefully, though. I find myself getting mail in the wrong folders from time to time. Thank you for commenting.

  7. Email spamming is one thing I can’t deal with. There are worse situations where I get over  5 spam email in a day and it is not cool at all. Some sites retrieve your email from locations where you have registered them and send you emails. There could also so instances where we agreed to it unknowingly. However,  I am glad there is Delete me which I believe will be very useful to us all. Thank you for the information.

    • Thank you for the comment, Benson. Spam makes me want to bang my head on the keyboard. You’re right; sometimes we unknowingly agreed to it. Darn fine print.

  8. This sounds like a great program after you mess up with your information. Leaving your E-mail address on one spot can lead to a mountain of emails that are not filtered by the spam in your email program.
    This can be lead to other problems with your information.
    Once your information is sold overseas is there a program to help or do you have to fight these with new email addresses.

    • Excellent question. I don’t have the exact information, and I’m sure it partly depends on the integrity of the organization. I do know that Delete Me is willing to try to help you with anything, even if it’s something they can’t fix, themselves.

  9. I get so annoyed by all these spammers. Yes, I made that mistake once and The annoying emails just keep coming, daily.  Some of them even send me a text, this is insane! Delete me is a bit pricey for me at the moment because of the holiday season and all but will keep it in mind and sign up for when I can afford. Thanks for your amazing review!

    • Thank you for reading my article and leaving a comment. I get those texts, as well. Nothing is sacred. I understand about the price. Hopefully, someday we won’t be so concerned about money. Have a happy holiday season!

  10. I am always unsubscribing to spam email but you make a good point that by the time my email is removed it has been sold to someone else. This explains the vicious cycle people find themselves in with spam email. I really like the concept of the program you are endorsing on this post but I don’t believe I have the budget for it at this time. I will bookmark for future consideration.

    • I understand the part about budgets, Lee. Sometimes, if it’s just clicking delete a bunch of times, that’s no big deal, but the ones who can pretend to be somebody else are the ones that worry me. I’m sure there are free options out there, just not as careful. It’s sad we even have to consider such things. Thank you for taking the time to read my article.

  11. Having apps like delete me would only spell better days to come and I really fancy this a lot. In all honesty, this is a very great one and has coincidentally come at the right time for me. My email is full of junks and spamming messages. Thankfully I can have something like this which will in the long run help out with sorting out things. This is great and thankfully, well appreciated. The proving is not too bad and also okay to me

    • Thank you for the comment, Rodarrick. The first time in years that I opened my email to no spam, I thought something was wrong. I had to send myself an email just to make sure it was working. 😀 lol

  12. Wow! I knew that companies sold your email address to other companies because that has happened to me way too often where I receive emails from companies that I don’t even know what they are, but I wasn’t aware that they could actually sell your personal information such as phone number and address. 

    • Yes, it sucks that I get weird text messages from someone who knows just enough to make me want to respond, but I don’t. Usually. I guess I have made a few mistakes. :/

  13. Thanks for this infl ln “Delete Me” as it seems like a very worthwhile investment as I found out using the “unsubscribe” link just doesn’t work on a consistent basis.

    The service seems reasonably priced for the work they do.   I appreciate this information as it is a service of which I was not previously aware.

    I am just tired of going through unsubscribe on every email.  I’ll definitely bookmark the page and give it some serious consideration.  All the Best.

    • Thank you, Joseph, for stopping by and commenting. For anyone who uses their emails for business and can’t just change it whenever they want to, this Delete Me option sure seems worth the time and money. Let them deal with the hassles.

  14. DeleteMe sounds like a great program if even for a year just to get back out of the spamming hole we dig ourselves in. I personally love filling in those “email” boxes on websites and opting in for an email list for some random sweepstake or freebie. It seems sad to not be able to get the bonuses and updates to the websites I like to visit. 

    Personally, I never knew this kind of program existed but now I am happy to know it does! When I can find a discount, such as this one, that also will save me tons of wasted time and headache I figure why not go for it! If it makes life easier it seems worth the cost.

    Thanks for sharing this info.

    • Thank you, Amelita. That’s a really cute name! I hope you win a nice contest without getting spammed. Let me know when you do!

  15. Ugh. I hate spam. I usually do as you say and unsubscribe but somehow they keep coming back. It’s gotten to the point where my whole inbox is full of it and it becomes a hassle to search for legitimate emails. I should definitely look into the program to free up some of my inbox.

    • Thank you for stopping by, Dave! We learn the hard way that spammers only use the unsubscribe link to verify you’re a real person. I wish you the best!

  16. Thanks for this enlightening post on how to delete my email address from spammers, I discovered sometimes ago I used a site and I was asked to fill in my email which I did so, but then after I got on the site I discovered some errs which I really don’t like on there so I had to leave , but i later discovered my email has been used for spamming which I really don’t know how to stop this but this post had done justice to that thanks a lot 

    • Thank you for your comment, Rose. That’s happened to so many of us, and it can be more than just irritating. I hope Delete Me gives you much peace of mind.

  17. Hello,

    Nice article! It’s sounds good that we can save our emails! Delete me seems like a great alternative to get rid of spams. It’s so related with me I also get spams & it seems to get worse! Sometimes I forget to check my mails then whenever I go there it’s fully overwhelmed every time! It’s very annoying! But your article gives me new ideas to get rid of it! Thanks a lot keep sharing!

    • Thank you, Irin! I have several emails, and there is one I rarely check. Amazing how many credit cards want me to sign up at any given time. 😀

  18. Spamming is a huge problem we all face. I have tried the unsubscribe button many times, which seems to send you through a ringer. Without any results, spam keeps coming.

    To have something to clean out the unwanted spamming would help save a lot of time. Which I don’t want to spending cleaning out all the unwanted emails to get to the ones I want and need to read. Most of the time my junk box just stays full.

    The price might seem a little high, but if you think of what your time is worth to you. How about the time you will save by not having to look at these junk mail.

    How does the system know what emails you want to keep?


    • Hello David! Thank you for stopping by. I do believe the people at Delete Me rely on parameters you set so that they don’t just start deleting your new subscriptions. They’d go out of business rather quickly if they decided everything, themselves. They let you know what they’ll be blocking and you can change those options any time. I wish you the best!

  19. Your artical about the spam is interesting ,even i have so many spam mails arriving in e mail account.I never know the series about that you mention and i don’t know how to remove those spam websites.without knowing of spam i used  so many website ,it make me bad experience.The idea about the “DeletMe” is make me a great knowledge and thanks for the providing this article.

  20. How I wish I had come across this platform faster than I did and I really hope that things can turn out to be just okay. I am a big time lover of privacy to which spammers have denied me of. hence, seeing such opportunity as this, I will surly make the best use of it. Great post you have shared up here. 

  21. Great post here and a big thumbs up to you for taking it upon yourself to share all of these here. so thoughtful of you to share this deleteme here. However, I am sad that the service of operating is limited to the US alone has that would leave people like us to still be in the hands of spammers. please can you just suggest any similar platform but with coverage outside US.

    • Hello Julianne! I’m sorry that Delete Me won’t work in your country. I’m not sure where you are, but I found this for Europe. If you just search for “spam blocker (your country)” you should find one quickly.

  22. Well! needless do I say that this post is really perfect for what I need and I am delighted you have shared here. Spamming has become the order of the day and  lot of people can no longer take charge of their email address without getting spammed. Hence, I feel no amount is too much for me to secure my freedom and privacy back. Thanks

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